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Consider these Factors that Can Affect the Price of Hand Held Concrete Saw

Hand held concrete saw is essential equipment if you run a construction company or hardscaping company. Although this piece of equipment makes everything easier and is definitely very useful, it can be quite expensive. Depending on the type, style, and accompanying features of the concrete saw you will purchase is the price you will have to pay to acquire that particular concrete saw. Essentially, there are three things you might want to consider before you decide on a particular concrete saw.

Variety of Use

Concrete saw that are handheld are ideal for trimming concrete. However, if you run a hardscaping company, choosing concrete saw that has a variety of uses can be most beneficial to you. These may be more expensive than a regular, ordinary concrete saw but can give you value for your money as you won’t have to purchase other saws for other purposes anymore. Consider a concrete chain saw instead of a concrete cut off saw to get more features and more use out of it as well. Concrete chain saws start at $2,000 per piece while concrete cut-off saws start at $900. There is a huge gap between the prices but the former is more useful for hardscaping companies and will definitely be more useful for such nature of business.

Walk Behind Concrete Saws

If your business does a significant amount of concrete jobs, this could be the best option for you. It allows you to adjust the amount of cut you will produce and is definitely more durable and heavy duty than the hand held concrete saw options mentioned above. But remember that if you are considering on purchasing this instead, consider the size of the equipment as the larger the walk behind concrete saw is, the higher the price is as well. But the more expensive and larger walk behind concrete saw is also more functional and gives more value for your money.

Replacement Parts

After some time, your concrete saw will definitely start to lose its power and will function less than remarkable as it used to be. When this happens, replacing parts may be necessary already. This is a factor that you need to consider when purchasing your concrete saw because this can definitely affect the price. Some brands of concrete saw have more expensive replacement parts than buying yourself a brand new one. Therefore, you need to consider the replacement parts you will eventually need after some time and consider how much each part costs. Blade, guideba, and chains – these are some of the most common parts you will need to replace. Remember that purchasing replacement parts can put a dent to your budget hence, it is necessary that you allot some money for this. If you run a company that extensively uses concrete saw, you might want to allot budget for replacement parts each month.

Using a hand held concrete saw is essential if you have a construction or hardscaping company. Consider the factors mentioned above before purchasing to make sure that you get value for your money and to get the most use out of your purchase.

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