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Get to Know Glass Drill Bits: Differences and Maintenance

Drilling holes on glasses require another special set of drill as this is a very delicate material. Glass drill bits are necessary equipment if you want to accurately drill holes in glasses without breaking its structure. But the great thing about this equipment is that you can also use it to drill holes in other delicate materials such as ceramic, porcelain, and tiles. The bit of this drill is perfectly coated with pieces of diamonds that act like a sandpaper when drilling holes without even cracking or breaking the material to be drilled.

Difference of Glass Drill and Other Drills

One of the main differences of glass drills to other drills is clearly the diamond pieces. This is a unique feature you can only find in glass drills because of the delicate materials it drills. Other drills for other materials need a different set of driller to cut holes. Another difference is that glass drills are smooth and straight with a rough texture. If you have been using drills before you might be familiar with the twisted bits and spiraling flutes that not only cuts the material but guides the drilled material up and out of the hole. But glass drill bits don’t have any of that. It is just flat and smooth because the drilled material is so fine that it easily turns into dust unlike other materials that shavings and pieces of the material needs to be taken out of the drilled hole.

Longevity of the Drill Bit

The diamond coating eventually wears off of the drill after some time which makes it eventually useless already. The lifespan of the bit will depend on the glass’ thickness and how skilled the person to drill is. This is why it is very important to watch out the drill bit before and after each use to make sure that there is still enough coating for you to use for your drilling activities. Some drill bits can last for many, many uses but there are also some that will only last for a single drill. Carefully monitor the bit as using a worn out drill bit can cause cracks and breaks on the glass surface.

Maintaining the Glass Drill Bit

Maintenance of the drill bit is crucial for glass drills to make sure that it precisely cuts glasses without the risk of cracking or breaking. The glass drill bit must be well lubricated at all times to attain best results possible. Lubrication is commonly done by running some water on the drilling surface to make it wet and moist suitable for drilling. But utmost precaution is advised as getting the drill on water can cause hazards and potentially life threatening. Make sure that you don’t get a single drop of water on the drill while it is plugged on a power source.

Glass drill bits are important if you need to drill holes on glasses for whatever purpose you may have at home. This is not your ordinary drill bits as these bits contain diamond coatings and has a different overall look. If you need to drill a hole to a glass surface, make sure you have these bits to avoid cracking and breaking of the glass.